Collection: Progression

“Progression" is a collection I made during major changes in my life. As it usually happens with artists :)

And a reminder that any kind of changes come to our life for growth.

Life gives us pain to teach a lesson. 

I didn't know how I wanted to continue my life after a brake up with the person I loved. I figured to put my feelings into art while I was working on my internal harmony. The process of painting really helped me and healed. It was a long and eventful year. Many things I had to accept and understand. Now looking back I think the brake up was the best thing that could happen to me and in the right time. As always Universe is taking care of me and all the best is yet to come! 

Pain is a lesson and we can come stronger on the other side. Just need to live through it and wait for the outcome. Just before the sun rises the sky is at its blackest