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Maria Erofeeva Art

DJ Bunny

DJ Bunny

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Once upon a time in a meadow, there was a bunny named Benny, known as DJ Bunny. Benny's burrow was his personal disco, complete with turntables and neon lights. Every evening, he threw dance parties for his meadow friends.

One day, Benny got an invite to DJ at a big forest party. With his meadow pals cheering him on, he set off and made new friends along the way. When he reached the forest, he played music that united animals from both the meadow and the forest.

Benny's music bridged gaps, creating a night of unity and friendship. He returned to his meadow as a celebrated DJ, hosting parties that brought all creatures together to dance in harmony, showing the power of music to unite hearts.

DJ Bunny sculpture art.
Handmade with polymer clay and decorated with glass and epoxy rhinestones.


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