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Maria Erofeeva Art



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Embrace of Enigma: A tender kiss veiled by petals of mystery

A striking women's portrait emerges with delicate yet vibrant strokes, exuding an aura of mystery and allure. The focal point of the composition rests upon the woman's face, where a large, resplendent rose sits atop her head, gracefully covering her eyes.

The woman's eyes, concealed beneath the velvety petals of the rose, lend an enigmatic quality to her expression, inviting viewers to ponder the emotions concealed within.

The rose itself is depicted with meticulous precision, its velvety petals unfurling in layers of soft, luscious hues. The bloom's size and placement create a striking juxtaposition against the woman's face, symbolizing both adornment and concealment.

Watercolor 30X40. Watercolor canvas


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